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  • An anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive disorder-tendencies Penfield mother of two has a blog that’s gaining national attention — and those are her words.

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  • An anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive disorder-tendencies Penfield mother of two has a blog that’s gaining national attention — and those are her words.
    Others are loving the sense of humor, writing style and content of a blog that is meant to work through the daily workings of a stay-at-home mom. The blog, written by Penfield’s Andrea Chamberlain, is Creative Junkie. And readers across the country are becoming junkies of the site, which was nominated as one of the Top 5 parenting blogs in the country by Nickelodeon. The blog, which was one of more than 50 nominated, is in the final running for the Parents’ Picks for Best Parenting Blog.
    “Who in their right mind would nominate a blogger who once considered strapping her children to the roof of the Durango to make room for IKEA purchases?” she wrote in an announcement post. “I have no idea if you guys lost a bet or are just inherently masochistic or maybe your brains simply fell over dead from all the buzzing of the vuvuzelas at the World Cup, but in any case, you voted.”
    Chamberlain will find out next month who the winner of the parenting blog pick will be.
    Chamberlain’s blog focuses on her day-to-day life, starting two years ago after she closed her digital design business. Her first post was centered around her current beau, Nate, who she married as “her rebound guy.” She focused on how women aren’t supposed to get serious with, or marry, their “rebound man,” but she did both — and she’s perfectly happy.
    “I pushed publish on that first post and I was like ‘wow, I kind of liked that,’” she said. “It was fun. So I started more posts about my boring life.”
    Two years later, she’s covered everything from weight loss, her kid’s dirty underwear, her husband’s $80 Chia Pet purchases and her shih-poo puppy’s bowel movements.
    “If you can’t laugh at some of this stuff, you are in a lot of trouble,” Chamberlain said. “If you can’t approach it with humor, you’re not going to survive it.”
    Chamberlain brings in her personal creations — being digital design, scrapbooking or her crafty decorations, such as the jewelry bling board that she made to hang all her jewelry on. That post, she said, was one of the most popular.
    “When I talk about something I’ve made, those seem to get the most attention,” she said.
    Other popular topics include her daughters, Zoe and Helena, who both attend Webster schools.
    “Zoe is 16 going on 30 and Helena is 10 going on 20,” she said. “Which makes me a mom going on Prozac. One’s a teen, one’s a tween. I could be inhaling Xanax, and it still wouldn’t be enough.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Both daughters are supportive of the blog, though Helena is still too young to read the posts which are written for parents, not for the children.
    “I like being on it, but not when it’s embarrassing stuff,” Helena said.
    Zoe, who is allowed to read it and share with friends, thinks the blog is funny, but isn’t an avid reader of the site where her name and picture frequent.
    “It’s funny, I read it occasionally,” she said. “My friends read it and comment on it. It’s always been there, so if I were bored or something, I would read it.”
    But the whole family remains surprised the blog was picked for the contest.
    “Nickelodeon is off its rocker,” Chamberlain said. “I don’t have the type of blog where I would naturally relate to Nickelodeon, where there is no swearing and no mention of bodily fluids. What do you think they’re smoking?”
    Voting is available via Chamberlain’s blog, at www.thecreativejunkie.com, until Aug. 31.

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